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​​Service to others, before self.

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We started officially in January 2016. But the roots of this idea and this company go back to 2009. While gearing up for a deployment to Afghanistan I started gathering kit for my (then) girlfriend. If something were to happen she would be ready. It slowly started growing into a collection of random items and consumables that I would keep for the sake of keeping. Then my friends and family started asking me to put kits together for them.

Adam and I met soon after he left active service. He knew I liked to play with bang sticks, wore a sharp uniform, and put others before self. Its a common trait among good Corpsmen. He and I became fast friends and soon was urging me to start putting these kits together for a living.

While I don't do it for a living yet, that's the goal. Our plans are as big as the day is long and our whole initiative at this moment is to make quality kits, economical and available. We drilled prep into our minds in the Navy and Marine Corps, we bring that mindset to 72by73.