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Life is a series of moments in which we are constantly making choices. How should I do my hair? Does this color look right on me? Am I getting out of bed to face the day?

Sometimes the moments are big and sometimes they are small. Sometimes the choices seem monumental and we trudge forward. Sometimes we don't. As my wife sarcastically says at times "I can't even".

For us, Faith and I, we work diligently on 72by73. She with the marketing while I continue to move forward trying to create something worthwhile. Its an important distinction. I think a husband and wife working together could be a powerful force. It could also risk the marriage if not properly coordinated.

Faith and I love each other very much. Surprise, right? We are in the midst of significant life events. We are moving about 250 miles away. Still continuing you grow a small company. We are also buying a house. All these things are goals and have deadlines. Every day we wake up, we are knowingly taking these events head on. We are making choices in the series of moments in our life.

What does that mean to you? Probably not much. But if you find yourself reading this, I want you to take something away from it. The choices we make dictate the people we become.

Young or old, you are faced with choices every moment. Some of them will test your mettle. How will you look back on your moments individually or collectively?