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72by73 Year two.

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Year two began with a thrill and a lull. A thrill in my personal life was purchasing a home after a move to southern California. My wife and I are happy with our house and slowly making it a home. We have visitors every weekend. We have started putting our Lego sets back together and hanging our photos. Our pups have made a transition and seem to be amenable to it, we even expanded by one. We got a young female Belgian Malinois. She and her big sister and big brother keep us fully engaged when we don't have company.

The lull I mentioned, much like the thrill, is ongoing. 72by73 has suffered at the guise of personal over professional. Buying a house is involved. Moving even more so. Then the stress of a young pup, an unfamiliar area, creating new routines and habits hits and some things suffer. No matter what is going on in the day I find myself thinking about what to improve, what's the next step, how do we get better?

One of these steps is finding a couple of folks with whom I can share my goals. A small tight group that offers more to the collective than any one individual can alone. Then help focus this group into a company that is inspiring, effective, and respected. I have tried the solo act, I don't have the time and/or the know-how.

Another step will be some apparel showing up on your 72by73 web pages soon in the form of t-shirts. From motivating to mildly inappropriate, we hope to have something for everyone. Even you tough guys, fit moms, or novice outdoorsmen. Inspiration can come from anywhere, we hope we came close with some of our designs.

I dedicate some of my time to helping those around me. A few times a week folks ask me about different kits, if I think a product is good, what should they carry in this set-up or that. Its a pleasure knowing that my input has interest. That knowledge isn't paying the bills though. I have to grow and so does 72by73.

I plan to grow and evolve this thing (72by73) much in the same way we grow and learn. Sometimes slow and lethargic. Sometimes rapidly and without warning. But at all times you will find me dedicated to you, your understanding, and the products that you stake your needs on.

P.S. Get outside.